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Fire Truck

Engine 52

Engine 52 is a 2016 Kenworth commercial cab built by Deep South Fire Apparatus.  It is a tanker/pumper and primary for tanker operations for structure and vehicle fires.  Engine 52 was acquired in 2016 via a FEMA AFG grant for $250,000.  Almarante matched 5% which is $12,500.


Attack 51

Attack 51 is a 2003 Ford F-550 diesel built by KME.  This is a mini pumper and is the primary medical and rescue response vehicle.  Attack 51 was acquired in 2003 via a FEMA AFG grant for $125,000. Almarante matched 5% which is $6,250.


Engine 53

Engine 53 is a 1992 Quality custom pumper.  It was acquired from Ocean City Wright FD in 2015 via the trade of a mobile radio.  It is primarily used as first due for structure fires in our auto and mutual aid districts of North Okaloosa, Dorcas and Crestview.  Engine 53 is housed within North Okaloosa Fire District's Station 81 in the Auburn community.


Engine 54

Engine 54 is a 1997 Smeal custom pumper with a 2013 refurb.  It was acquired from Hamden Volunteer Fire Department in Hamden Ohio at the price of $40,500.  This engine is the first due apparatus for structure fires, vehicle fires and landing zone calls along with being second to brush fires and vehicle crashes.


Brush 53


Brush 53 is a 2022 Ford F-550 extended cab chassis built by South Florida Emergency Vehicles.  This truck was placed into service on December 10, 2022.  Brush 53 was acquired via a leasing plan with a total cost over the lease/finance period of $132,160.

Brush 53 from the side rear angle at night.