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District boundaries

Begin at the southeast corner of Section 1, Township 4 North, Range 22 West; thence north along the east line of Range 22 to the northeast corner of Section 25, Township 6 North, Range 22 West; thence west to the Yellow River; thence southerly along the said Yellow River to the south line of Section 6, Township 4 North, Range 23 West; thence east to the point of beginning. All being in Okaloosa County, Florida.

Less and except:

That portion of property within the city limits of the City of Laurel Hill.

(2)  Any federal lands or lands within a municipality included in the boundary of the district as described herein shall be excluded from the district and its jurisdiction. If any area, tract or parcel of land within the boundaries of the district shall hereafter become annexed to a municipality, such area, tract or parcel of land shall be excluded from the district effective the next January 1 following such annexation by a municipality. Nothing contained in this ordinance shall preclude any municipality from annexing lands to the territorial limits of the municipality even if such land is included within the district.

(3)  Should any part of the territory covered in this ordinance be held not to be included herein, then this ordinance shall continue in effect as to the balance of the territory.